‘Swing Trading Indicators’

MT4 Forex Indicators For Swing Trading

Here are some very useful Forex Indicators For Swing Trading:   #1: THE PIN BAR INDICATOR The Pin Bar Indicator Is A Very easy indicator to use. It can only work with the Metatrader4 Trading Platform. For More Explanation check click this link: Pin Bar Indicator¬† To Download the Pin Bar Indicator, click this link:¬†PinbarDetector […]

Pin Bar Indicator Download

Pin bars are a simple price action candlestick pattern that can indicate a strong imbalance of supply and demand that can be used on any currency pair or other instrument. Used in conjunction with support and resistance or other technical analysis tool to give you trading context, pin bars can give excellent trade entries with […]

Renko Trading Strategy Using Technical Analysis

A Renko trading chart looks like a candlestick chart with no wicks or tails and with each bar having the same size, high to low.¬† For traders who’ve never traded a Renko trading strategy either in Forex trading, Futures or even Stocks, you may be a little confused as to how to trade them. Figure […]