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This website receives very targeted traffic all from search engines.


Why Advertise with Swing-Trading-Strategies.Com

This is a screenshot from my google analytics account showing the number of visitors visiting

Swing Trading Strategies Website Visitors

  • this is a forex trading website with quality content pages where traders can study and browse through.
  • all levels of traders enter this website-from beginning traders to experienced traders-there is information for all traders for all levels.
  • more than 70% of new visitors come from search engines
  • we are constantly uploading new content which keep many visitors coming back day after day.
  • Between July -Sept 2014, this website received an average of 7000 visitors per month and over 20,000 page views monthly
  • there is plenty of room for you forex advertisements with a choice for banner types and placements.
  • we can customize your placements on request
  • honest transparent advertising.

Advertising cost

Every forex advertisement on this site has its own dedicated spot and shown during all the time during the campaign period-it receives 100% traffic and would never share its spot with other forex advertisements.

Size Site-wide advertising Next available date
Block #1 500×180 $350/month Available now
Block #2 160×600 $150/month Fully Booked Out Until 10th October 2015
Block #3 160×600 $150/month Available now
Block #4 728×90 $300/month Available now
Block #5 728×90 $100/month
Available now

Payment Method



How To Start Advertising with Swing-Trading-Strategies.Com

Step 1: Go To Contact Us Form and send us your:

  1. your final advertisement materials: texts, banners, links etc.
  2. advertisement block number
  3. duration of ad campaign

Step 2. Receive

We send back and email confirm receiving your ad details and ask you to make payment via paypal

Step 3. Pay

Step 4. Your Advertisement Gets Place on


Term Of Advertising

Advertiser grants full permission to publish all advertising materials provided, in such a way to represent the Advertiser online.

Advertiser assumes full liability and responsibility for all advertising materials provided, such as text, images, photos, logos and any other form of advertising  instruments.

Swing-Trading-Strategies.Com reserves the right to accept or reject any advertising materials based on quality and appropriateness of such materials.

Prior to payment, all advertising materials as well as organisation details (ad block#, pages to be shown on (selected or site wide), time period, additional preferences etc…) required submission and further confirmation via email:swingtradingstrategies123[at]


Thank you.

Mangi Madang