‘Basic Swing Strategies’

Forex Swing Trading Strategy #2:(10 and 20 SMA With 200 SMA Forex Swing Trading System)

The 10 and 20 SMA with 200 SMA Forex Swing Trading System Is A Very Simple Swing Trading System You Can Implement Without Any Difficulty At All. But First Lets Talk about Moving Averages… WHY MOVING AVERAGES ARE USEFUL There are two main reasons why moving averages are useful in forex trading: moving averages help […]

50 EMA Swing Trading System

The 50EMA Swing Trading System is also one very simple and basic forex swing trading system that is easy to implement and can be applied to all timeframes and any currency pair as well. Instead of 50EMA, you can also try other EMAs like 10, 20, 30 ema’s etc. The trading rules would still be the […]

Forex Swing Trading Strategy #8:(Parabolic SAR Indicator Trading Strategy)

The Parabolic SAR Indicator Trading Strategy is based on the Parabolic SAR Indicator. This is how the parabolic sar works: when the market is in a downtrend, the parabolic sar will form above the candlesticks. This should give you the heads up that the uptrend may have ended and the market may be now going […]

Forex Swing Trading Strategy #9:(MACD Crossover Swing Trading System)

The MACD Crossover Swing Trading System is a very simple swing trading strategy especially new forex traders can find it quite easy to use. The MACD is one of the most popular forex indicators used by forex  traders to determine trend. That being said, the MACD indicator consists of two lines, the faster moving line […]

Forex Swing Trading Strategy #10:(Parabolic SAR And MACD Swing Trading System)

The Parabolic SAR and MACD Swing Trading System is a very simple forex swing trading system that uses two indicators: the parabolic SAR & the MACD This trading system can be used with any currency pair. HOW TO TRADE THE PARABOLIC SAR AND MACD SWING TRADING SYSTEM-THE RULES Wait for MACD line to cross-over. Once […]

RSI Forex Trading Strategy

Using The RSI indicator by itself as a forex trading strategy is not a good idea. RSI indicator is best combined with other forex indicators and tools to create a trading strategy to give it a much more reliable performance. When RSI is above 70, the market  is considered overbought. When RSI is below 30, […]

How To Exit Profitable Trades in Four Easy Ways

Exit profitable trades is the objective of all trading right?  Let’s take a look to see various ways we can accomplish just that. At the end of October we took a look at the monthly EURUSD chart and saw a break of a wedge formation.  You can see what we wrote back then in this […]

Trading Reversals with the Commodity Channel Index

Trading Reversals – Powerful Moves The Commodity Channel Index (CCI) is used to identify cycles in a market and for trading reversals. It is applied to trading in two opposing ways: Identify beginning of a long position when the CCI crosses above 100 and the beginning of a short position when it crosses below -100. […]

If This Is Your Trading Chart You Have Issues

These types of images where a trading chart is cluttered with indicators always makes me laugh.  There is so much information going on and no doubt one will conflict with the other. Some will say more information the better.  Depends on the quality of information as well as the source. Look at what is on […]

Price Action Swing Trading With AUDCAD Forex Pair

Price action trading, whether in Forex, Futures, Stocks or any other instrument, is simply reading what price is telling you and then taking action if your trading plan covers what is occurring. Learn a few price action setups, master them, repeat them consistently and you may just end up on the right side of the […]