‘Basic Swing Strategies’

Forex Swing Trading Strategy #7:(200 EMA Trading Strategy)

The 200 EMA Trading Strategy is a very simple and really easy to follow Forex trading strategy that you will find really appealing and has the potential to bring your hundreds of pips a month. With the 200 EMA Trading Strategy you are trading with the trend and are hopefully buying low, selling high, and at times catching […]

Simple Profitable Forex Trading Strategy Example Trade

I want to show you an example of a simple profitable Forex trading strategy that appears on my website.  The trading system is called the Daily Chart Swing Trading System and all it requires is an understanding of Fibonacci retracements and the Stochastic oscillator (5,3,3 settings).   Why Is It A Simple Trading Strategy? The more simple […]

Simple Daily Chart Swing Trading System For Forex And Other Markets

Regardless of the market you trade, trading the daily charts is a viable trading plan. If you take a moment and think about day trading, what is important? The close of the price bar or candlestick, right? For example, if I trade an hourly chart as a day trader and my trading strategy is a […]

Forex Swing Trading Strategy #6:(Inside Bar Trading Strategy)

Price action trading is where traders use bar or candlestick patterns to analyse any market such as Forex to find trading opportunities. One of the more popular price action trading strategy is using an Inside Bar candlestick pattern. One reason the inside bar trading strategy is a popular technical analysis technique is it is one of the […]

5 EMA And 8 EMA Crossover Swing Trading System

Moving average crossovers are a popular method of approaching a trading strategy.  You can use long term exponential moving averages to take advantage of a “macro view” or short term averages such as the one discussed here, 5 EMA And 8 EMA. The short term moving averages crossing over indicates the short term trend has changed […]

Outside Bar Candlestick Pattern For Price Action Trading

Outside Bar Forex Trading Strategy is a price action candlestick pattern for the Forex market, Futures or any other market you choose to trade. It can be both a bullish reversal pattern, a bearish reversal, or even be used during a continuation move from some type of consolidation.  It’s actually similar to the  inside bar Forex […]

RSI Trading Strategy With 20 SMA For Swing Trading

The Bloomberg trading terminal polled it’s users and the most used trading indicator was the RSI, the relative strength index. The RSI trading indicator is a measure of the relative strength of the market (compared to it’s history), is a momentum oscillator and is often used as an overbought and oversold technical indicator. To explain oversold […]