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I will pay you $3.00 for every forex trading strategy you submit to this website.


Do you have a forex trading strategy that you are using and would like to share it with other forex traders?


I will post your trading strategy on this website where many can learn from it, or even improve the trading system to even much more better one.

If you also have any swing trading techniques or ideas, you can also submit them also.


Structure On How to Write Your Forex Trading Strategy(IMPORTANT! DON’T FAIL THIS!)


(1) Give a simple overviews of the  trading system. This should be not more than 3 sentences.

(2) What Timeframes to Use?

(3) What Forex Indicators Are Used and their settings if possible

(4) Rules for Entry (How and Where to buy and sell)

(5) Where to place your stop loss

(6) Where to Place Your Profit Target(s)

(7) How to Manage The Trade, like when to move stop loss to break-even, or how if you have different profit target levels, when do you take the first profit etc…

(8) Any disadvantages of the Trading System?

(9) What are the Adantages of Your Trading System?

(10) Any suggestions on How It Can be Improved? (if Possible)

(11) Every trading strategy submitted must have one or two MT4 charts explaining the trading setup (see the strategies on this website for ideas on what I’m talking about).Should send as JPEG or any picture file)

(12)MT4 charts must have Green for bullish candlesticks and Red for Bearish Candlesticks.


Any forex trading strategy submitted which does not follow the structure above will NOT be accepted.


Submit your swing trading strategies to this email address: swingtradingstrategies123[at]

Thanks for helping out other forex traders with you trading strategy!

The Swing Trading Strategies Team!




  • Do not submit a strategy already on this website (but a variation can be accepted).
  • when you submit a strategy, you need to tell me where you got the idea of the strategy from (website, ebook? etc and give me the address/link).
  • do not copy paste any strategies you find on the internet, EVERY STRATEGY MUST BE WRITTEN IN YOUR OWN WORDS.


  • Payment will ONLY be sent to your paypal account. If you don’t have a paypal account, don’t bother.
  • Payment will only be made once your strategy is posted on this website

Right To Refuse 

I have the right to refuse any forex strategy submissions made to me :

  1. if I dont like quality of the trading system submitted
  2. if i believe it does not make sense at
  3. or if it is too complex and complicated to understand
  4. or it does not meet the structure I expect you do follow.
  5. if its just copy paste from another website
  6. if you don’t give me the website address where you got it from (but if its your own development, you have to say so)