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Potential Trading Alerts For 2015

Hi Folks, I’ve been watching these 3 trade setups happening for quite some time now. They are  based on the monthly timeframe but I will be switching to lower timeframes like 4hr & the 1hr and watch for reversal candlesticks to  buy or sell. These  are a long term trade setup happening… One thing about such […]

Channel Trading Setup & Signal In AUDUSD Currency Pair

Hi Forex Traders, Thank you all for visiting this site and I know that a significant number of you keep coming back  to this site to learn and study the forex strategies that are listed here. I’ve been also watching this downward trade channel trade setup for a while now in AUDUSD currency pair and […]

Forex Trading Signal Alert For USDCHF

Hi traders here’s another forex trading signal alert which I am keeping my eyes on. Its on USDCHF pair. There’s a potential short trade setup happening. This is what it looks like on the monthly chart:   And this is what it looks like on the weekly chart: As you can see on the chart […]

Forex Trading Signal Alert On EURUSD

Forex Traders, I can see there’s buy trading signal or setup happening on the EURUSD currency pair. Here’s what I’m seeing in the monthly timeframe: And this is what I’m seeing in the daily timeframe: Now, lets zoom in a to a smaller timeframe, the 4hr and see what’s happening there: HOW I WOULD TRADE […]

Forex Trading Signal Alert On USDJPY

Hello Traders, just to bring to your attention my technical analysis on USDJPY and what I see. Ok, let’s get started. Here’s USDJPY monthly chart. You will note that price is heading up to a what I believe is a significant resistance level and the evidence for that is market in blue boxes. You can […]

Forex Trading Signal Alert On EURJPY And How That Trade Is Playing Out

Hi forex traders, I posted this EURJPY Trade  shown below and the reasons why I took that trade here: how to trade larger timeframes. The trade is still running and , moved stop loss to lock in some profits behind lower swing high point. The forex trading system that describes this is here (its a […]

Forex Trading Signal Alert On NZDUSD

This is a forex trading signal alert on NZDUSD Currency Pair on based on the 4hr Timeframe:   Sell if you see a bearish reversal candlestick pattern. Try to switch back and forth between 4h and 1hr and  even down to much smaller timeframes like 15min or 5min min timeframe to see if you can […]

Forex Trading Signal Alert AUDNZD

Forex Traders, there’s a potential buy forex trading signal alert on AUDNZD currency pair. The chart below is on a weekly chart but for trade entries, I suggest you switch to lower timeframes preferably the 4hr or the 1hr and watch for bullish reversal candlesticks to buy: Now, lets look at this setup on the […]

150 Pips More!

I posted this trading signal alert that was forming in the USDCHF  here a week or so back. Now, its getting close and you may need to pay attention to this. This is just a short update on that setup. The chart below explains everything thing in detail. If you’ve downloaded and read my Ultimate […]

Insane! A 300 Pips Forex Trading Setup That I Missed Just By A Few Hours

Hello Traders, …this is an amazing trading setup I missed that I’d like to share with you. In fact, I saw the setup building up many days before it was going to happen… But guess what? I just missed it by a couple of hours and the crazy thing was… If I had taken this […]