3 Best Youtube Trading Videos Traders Should Watch

Traders can learn a lot from the various trading videos on Youtube and other networks.  While there is a lot of fluff, you can find some great gems depending on your needs.


5 Success Principles You Can Work On Today

Trading is more than just entering a trade and taking profits.  There is a lot that takes place behind the scenes before anybody finds success in trading.

This video covers 5 success principles designed to help you get on the right side of history and become a winning trader.


How To Identify A Trading Edge and The Realistic Path Of A Trader

Many traders place trades using a trading strategy but do not know if they truly have a trading edge.  How do you know if you have one?  In this video, Adam Grimes will go through what you need to do in order to see if you have an actual edge in the market.

Not only that, people think their path to success is a straight line.  This is a reality check that everybody, from newbie to experienced traded, needs to learn from


Jack Schwager

This video didn’t have a real title but features Market Wizards own Jack Schwager.  This is a great video with bits of exceptional wisdom from some of the best minds in the business.  You really need to hear about the “lame baby antelope” as that should save you a bundle in getting run over by trading losses.

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