‘Forex Swing Trading Strategies’

Swing Trading Indicators from Cruising Altitude

Back in the end of February we took a look at long term charts for five different currency pairs to see what swing trading indicators opportunities we could find. It’s now eight months later so let’s see if any of these opportunities panned out. All of the charts that follow will have a vertical line […]

Swing Trade Forex from a Cruising Altitude

In this post we’ll pull back to cruising altitude to swing trade forex and take a look at some longer term charts.  Let’s see what kind of swing trading opportunities we find.   EURUSD We recently took a look at the EURUSD and found an interesting triangle formation that we felt might give us a […]

5 Things To Know When Swing Trading Inside Bars In The Forex Market

Swing trading inside bars is a simple trading pattern where one or many bars are contained between the high and low of another known as the “mother bar”. Often times, depending on the length of the inside bar pattern, it will appear as a triangle on your chart. This is a breakout trading strategy that […]

How A Trend Direction Indicator Can Help You Lose Money Fast

I know I may take some heat for going after the trend direction indicator as a useful technical analysis tool but the fact is that they can do more harm than good for most traders. Indicators get a bad rap and the reason is not so much in the indicator themselves…but in how traders use […]