Trend Trading, Trend Analysis & Prediction

TREND TRADING IS NOT DIFFICULT IF YOU CAN USE PRICE ACTION TO DETERMINE TRENDS Here’s how…but first some basic lessons first: when a market is trending nicely, you will notice price makes peaks and valleys like the chart shown below. these peaks and valleys are called price swings. if a market is trendine up, what […]

Elliott Wave Theory Simplified

The ElliotT wave principle was developed by a guy called Ralph Nelson Elliott in the late 1920’s. His theory was that: movement in price in the market could be  predicted by identifying a pattern of waves. he came to the conclusion that the market moves upwards in five waves and corrects in three waves The Elliot […]

Learn About Support & Resistance Trading

Definition of Support And Resistance Support and Resistance levels represent key price levels where the forces of supply and demand meet. In the forex market, the prices are driven by supply and demand. If there is an oversupply, prices will go down and if there is a demand, price will go up.  If demand and supply […]

Swing Trading Techniques & Ideas

Swing Trading Tips

If you are a forex swing trader, one of the big questions you will face is “how can you effectively lock in profits and trail stop your trades?” Let face it… We all want to extract as many pips as we can out of a swing trade, right? But not many know the effective ways […]



Traders Action Zone Defined And Why You Should Use It

The traders action zone (TAZ) is an important part of any trading strategy.  What it aims to do is to focus the swing trader on a certain part of the chart to look for their setups. Without a defined location on a chart where you can take action for a trade, you may fall into the […]