Is Greg Secker A Trading Or Marketing Wizard?

I wanted to check back in on Greg Secker who claims to be a “Master Trader” and pumps a trading course through a company called “Knowlege To Action” and another website called “Learn To Trade”.

It all starts with a free seminar where the sales pitch for a trading course is made.  In one of the articles I read from The Guardian, the presenter at one of the free seminars said  “It’s very difficult not to make money”.

That statement should be a red flag to just about anybody.

To make it worse, one of the people from the company who was introduced as an ‘advanced trading mentor’ was actually contracted as a sales consultant.

Trading is difficult.  

The edges in trading are not overly large.  It takes more than an entry and an exit price to make money.  It requires a sound footing in not only the trading method but also risk control and psychology.

If a company is introducing people as a “trading mentor” but they are actually sales people, that speaks volumes about every other claim they make.

During seminars like this, they attempt to dazzle you with items that some equate to success. Fast cars, airplanes, trips, and wads of money are often shown to back up claims of riches.

What else about seminars like this?  Always keep in mind this quote from Harvey MacKay:

Never buy anything in a room with a chandelier


Greg Secker:  Knowledge To Action website

This graphic says it all (highlights are mine).

greg secker

I am astounded that the term “holy grail” is still used!  Huge red flag because if there were a Forex holy grail, everybody would be using it.  There is no holy grail.  There are simply trading strategies that may or may not provide an edge for some people.

Worlds #1 Trader And Coach.

What?  Who gave him this title?  What metrics is this claim based on?  I read a ton about traders and I’ve never seen Greg Secker mentioned anywhere.

There are quite a few tried and tested trading strategies out there (some even on this website…for free) but like anything, how successful fully depends on who is trading it.  Who knows what the trading systems are they are selling but I can virtually guarantee that they are no better than what can be found on the internet.

For free.

“was appointed a vice president of the financial services company, Mellon Financial Corp by the age of 25, where he worked around some of the very best traders in the world.”

Sounds pretty straightforward except it lacks important details which are:

“BNY Mellon, told the BBC that, while Mr Secker had been a vice president there, he had actually worked in their IT department in foreign exchange operations, reporting to a senior manager there.”

Yes, you probably jumped to the same conclusion as other people did…..that Greg Secker was so good, he was the VP of a financial company surrounded by the best traders….which would make him one.

Clearly, that’s not the case.


Trading Results Of Greg Secker

For a “Master Trader” and educator that seems to charge large fees, I’ve been unable to find one shred of proof he trades.

You’d think that, for marketing purposes, they would stop with the over the top marketing and simply provide proof.  Audited proof.

There isn’t any.  For someone claimed to have worked on the trading floor, there must be some proof that he trades.

Not in the public view anyhow.


Hope and Dreams of Forex Traders

Secker may offer some type of trading information but it’s not the holy grail and I doubt you could not get the same type of information for free.

It’s a marketing machine that preys on the hopes and dreams of all those who attend the free seminars.  These rarely result in success regardless of the “testimonials” that may be on the website.

greg secker knowledge into action

  • Pictures of celebs
  • Items of luxury
  • Exotic trips

All of these are marketing tools.  Even the “foundations” are added to add credibility.  There’s a well known penny stock trader who does all of this but a large chunck of his money is made from……product sales.


Don’t Buy The Greg Secker Hype

Run.  Run from hypes like this.  Run from expensive courses by self hyped individuals who don’t show an audited track record of trading.

Trading basics can be found anywhere for free.  The swing trading strategies on this site for example cover basic to advanced trading strategies.

But they are all rooted in the basics.

Hype like Secker is sad.  Good people trying to better their lives are suckered into paying loads of cash.  For nothing.


Here’s the earlier post


Just recently, I rang one of my good friends to see what he was up to. He said he just attended a paid seminar with Greg Secker who is the founder of Knowlege To Action-a forex trading education firm.

I could have told him “mate, you are  going to waste your money, don’t go, because all the information you need is available for free on the internet” but it it was too late.

Ok…interesting, I thought to myself because I’ve read somewhere on the net it was quite expensive.

How much did you pay, I asked ? $3,000 was the answer.

Bloody goodness gracious me!

Are you using the strategies taught in the seminar/course I asked him? Yes,  he said, I tried it and not working well for me so I am no longer using them anymore.

Well, after that conversation, I decided to share my thoughts on the good and bad of paying for forex trading courses and stuff like that that you see online.


Greg Secker-Founder Of Knowlege To Action

Greg Secker-Founder Of Knowlege To Action



This was a similar path I almost took when I was a newbie forex trader and almost paid $6,000 for a forex trading course (or homestudy course that comes with a think bundle of folder with printed A4 papers inside with hundreds of pages and comes with DVD’s etc).

The good thing for me though was that I attended one of their free online webinars(just by sitting in the comforts of my home) and understood what little bits and pieces of the trading system they were using. ( I was a newbie back then and didn’t know much and everything they were saying seemed like holy grail to me…it was convincing and full of sale pitches that I nearly too out my credit card but something deep within me stopped me from doing that)

The webinar was free but it was all about marketing their expensive product.

I could not believe how they marketed this homestudy course and people were forking out  their credit cards and paying $6000 right towards the end of the seminar.

If you think that was insane, its not….it was mental!

I did the opposite of what majority did. I used the keywords I heard in the seminar, typed in google and read everything about what they were talking about and eventually figured out most of the things they said they ware going to reveal in the homestudy course!

I saved myself $6,000 (pat myself on the back…)

You see, many of these expensive forex trading courses and seminars are pretty much using what is freely available on the internet and charging you insane prices to reveal these methods to you.

If my friend had told me before he paid the fees, I would have convinced him not to go.

Now, he’s probably realized he’s wasted $3000 for nothing plus the cost of airline ticked plus hotel.



Honestly, I don’t have a problem with Greg Secker selling forex courses and seminars…good on him.

But the problem I have is the insane and mental  prices for  that trading course he charges.

And I think that is bloody ridiculous. And if you are starting trading forex, you are better of putting that money into a live trading account and learn from school  of hard knocks to get a real taste of what forex is (and making money in forex is not easy…you need to be disciplined!)

And if these people who paid all that money did their homework, they could actually see that all the information they need is found freely on the internet.

Its just takes time for you to get everything and tie them together so you will understand. Not complicated at all!

My friend said there were about 20-30 or so people who attended the seminar. He also  told me they were mostly old people, possible retirees, looking for a way to make money to sustain them for the few years they have left on earth. Now, that’s tragic, isn’t it. Getting $3,000 from old people! Seriously!

Now think about it, that’s $60,000 in revenue right there for 20 paying people… and then for a one day seminar!

And obviously Greg Secker does a lot of these kinds of seminars a year. So you can do the sums. It adds up.

But dude, $3,000 for a course/seminar??? Where that information can be found freely online???

A short while ago, I asked him if he was making any progress and guess what? None at all. He even told me they have another level of course he can upgrade but do you know what the cost is? $15,000 freaking dollars (If I remember that figure correctly).

Man, that kind of amount of money is good for opening a trading account and if you can use the price action trading strategies in here, with proper risk management, you can increase it to $30,000 or so in 6months!



My friend had  gone to the course, learnt the strategy Greg Secker had taught had and applied it and it did not work for him. In the end he simply gave up and started trading using price action which he found were are lot more reliable than what was taught by Greg Secker’s Knowledge To Action Trading Firm.

Don’t be sucked into buying expensive forex trading courses, almost all of the information you need can be found freely online. Get off your arse and do you own homework. Teach yourself, learn, watch youtube, there’s lots of videos about forex trading.

To make money in forex trading, you really need to do this:

  1. find a simple and reliable forex trading strategy
  2. Study forex and  and demo trade for a while until you are confident to trade live
  3. Fund your trading account with sufficient trading capital and trade it with your trading system and you  must have good risk management practice in place because you can blow your account if you do not do that.

That’s all it is…no expensive software, trading courses or seminars.



  1. I have paid for courses or trading systems usually not above $100 so I can learn or see things in other people’s perspective and also increase my knowledge and I don’t mind doing that. Nobody forced me to buy them, but the thing is they were not expensive! Some of the knowledge I acquired I am using today…and my knowledge has increased as a result. But I know a trading system or trading course or a trading software  is  ridiculously expensive when I see one. Unfortunately, many new forex traders don’t know this and they spend a lot of money buying into these things and once that does not work, they spend some more money on another one!
  2. So If you are newbie trader, don’t rush into buying expensive forex trading courses and seminars and forex trading software…if you do, you are going to part away with your hard earned cash and only to realized later that you’ve just spent money on something you are never going to use.
  3. The internet is a massive library of trading systems and forex trading course where you can research for free. Do your homework and don’t always look for the next shiny object!
  4. There’s no holy grail trading software or trading strategy out there, believe me when I say this. If there are forex trading systems for sale out there or software for sale, go buy them to satisfy your curiosity and maybe increase your knowledge…there’s no problem with that but never spend more than $500 to pay for a trading system. I think that’s too much.
  5. Eventually you will settle down with system that you will like maybe from your own research. There are many forex trading strategies that work listed on this website, do your research, try them out and use what you like. Its all for free. Learn about price action trading, there’s lots of price action trading strategies here as well.
  6. Think twice when you see all these expensive forex trading seminars and courses. Remember, there’s lots of information on forex trading available for free on the internet, why can’t you learn it yourself instead of paying someone a huge chunk of your money to teach you to learn when you do it for free yourself?
  7. Finally, if you want to pay for Greg Seckers’ forex trading course, then do so. You may learn something. Nobody’s stopping you.


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3 Responses to “Is Greg Secker A Trading Or Marketing Wizard?”

  1. Great article. Just wanted to emphasise on the whole “pay for education” story.

    We do not charge – we teach our strategy for free. You’ve got to ask yourself – “if these guys can make money trading, why charge for courses?”

    We devote our time to trading and proving that our method works consistently.

    Check out our live trade videos and recent trades since January 2014 via our YouTube Channel.

    Our business vision is to offer high quality, free education for serious traders and build a professional community who all help each other.

    Best wishes,


  2. nelson says:

    Would you recommend any free and good website for free forex education?

  3. Andrew says:

    In South Africa, he’s ripped of thousands of clients and they still market and sell the same failing strategies. They promise getting rich and then it bombs out. As it is people cannot afford these courses and they put up there houses for loans in the hope of making money. Even borrowing when they cannot afford it. I sat in the class to even see the trainers waffle there way through the training, which they don’t even use.
    How can you teach something you don’t believe in?
    I’ve seen people lose GBP 10 000.00 in a week in their classes with out a blink of know what they did. Then they told to just fund it again. Sounds like gambling….yes it is. They not even regulated.

    Just don’t be the next fool caught in this web.
    Like Mangi says there are tons of free information. Don’t be lazy if you want to learn something make the effort or get ripped off.

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