‘Advanced Swing Strategies’

Fakey Trading Strategy

The Fakey Trading Strategy was made popular by a Forex trader named Nial Fuller from Australia.  I don’t know if Nial actually “discovered” this price action pattern but he certainly helped bring it to the forefront of trading strategies. It is a very good Forex swing trading strategy because it can setup on even the larger time frame charts.  It’s […]

Moving Averages Suck Because Of How Traders Use Them

Far too many times we hear/read about about people saying something like “Price has crossed over a few moving averages which can only mean…..“. It can mean whatever you think it means and that is the truth! So yes, I admit that I have a problem with moving averages but it’s not really with the […]

How To Use Trend Lines As A Trading Strategy

Trading with trend lines as your swing trading strategy uses the rhythm of the market and price action as the core of your trading strategy. You can not go wrong with that. Many price action traders will use trend lines as their way of determining everything from trend to reversal points.  It’s not even necessary […]

Forex Swing Trading Strategy # 3: (MACD Swing Trading System)

The MACD (moving average convergence divergence) technical indicator is the brainchild of Gerald Appel. Through the years, many people have tried to find the best MACD settings for swing trading, day trading, position trading and the best setting for each market. Let’s clear something up: There is no best setting for any trading indicator. What […]

Simple Trend Line Trading Swing Trading Strategy

Trading with only trend lines is a swing trading strategy that virtually any trader can learn. There is no tweaking indicator settings, deciding which technical indicator to use, or is there any special candlestick pattern that you need to learn. The only thing you need to know is how to draw trend lines which is […]

Multiple Time Frame Momentum Trading

Trading end of day charts for swing traders can be a great way to free up your day and still take part in the big moves. In Forex, it may be a little difficult as it is a 24 hour market but there are times in Forex where volatility dries up. If you are swing […]

Bullish Pennant Trading Strategy

The bullish pennant trading strategy is continuation strategy where you use one of the common Forex chart patterns called the bullish pennant to enter into a long trade. It’s east to get confused with bullish pennant Forex chart pattern with the bull flag Forex chart pattern formation, they are different.  I generally consider flags and any pennant pattern […]